Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Before The Storm Breaks

That well-worn phrase, the calm before the storm inevitably comes to mind with the publication of the latest unemployment figures ( ).
Overall, the figure is down. However, the caveat to contemplate is that there has been a growth in part-time jobs at the expense of full-time employment. It is also necessary to point out that the ConDem cuts haven't yet had time to be reflected in any statistics. Factor those in to subsequent jobless figures & you'll begin to see exponential rises in unemployment. The Guardian piece has a breakdown for each parliamentary constituency.

17.30 UPDATE: By way of clarification, I should have pointed out that these were the benefit claimant figures, not the unemployment figures, per se.


Anonymous said...

The coagulation government has recently issued statements about the flawed method for Local authorities and charities counting of Street Homeless people saying that count has been a sham for years masking the real picture. It has of course been a complete sham with so many restrictions on who can be counted. Not somebody in a hostel or shelter for that night, not in a reception area or wandering the streets, they have to be actually bedded down and considering that people are not going to opt for shop doorways but will seek out derelict buildings or places that give proper shelter, the count is meaningless other than it gave a wedge of cash to the Local Authority to pay somebody to be responsible for a street homelessness programme which is in cities like Liverpool laughingly recorded as something like 8 to 12. So they are proposing a new more efficient counting mechanism. It will be interesting if they apply the same determination to the unemployed.

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