Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Stand Against Consumer Culture

Seven Streets has an interesting piece on the Last Stand festival which takes place in Crosby Village this Saturday ( ) in protest against the proposed Sainsbury's store in the area. It will be three times the size of the current store. Seven Streets explains:
"The festival stems from the ABetterCrosby group, which wants Sainsbury's to develop the Village more sympathetically, pointing to two Art Deco buildings it says will be demolished to make way for the new store."
Many in Liverpool will aware of Tesco's influence in planning decisions across the city, so there's a distinct sense of deja-vu here.
The Crosby group has its own website which has been up & running since April of this year ( ).
As the group remark on their website, the Crosby Herald was keen to present Sainsbury's plans in the best possible light earlier this month ( ).
Not surprising when you consider that the Herald is part of the Trinity Smoking Mirrors group.

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