Friday, July 23, 2010

What Would Bobby Grant Say?

"Dave" Cameron's new best mate Professor Redmond has been moved to pen what is by his standards a semi-coherent missive via the good offices of Oldham Hall Street ( ).
Calling himself "a natural red" (in the political rather than footballing sense), Redmond claims that, contrary to a line in Cameron's speech in Liverpool on Monday, he doesn't wish "to run the museums with volunteers."
However, he contradicts himself just a couple of short paragraphs further on when he muses:
"Could, perhaps, our volunteers help extend our existing opening hours, not cut them back, nor replace staff and, if so, perhaps offer a model for other public bodies to also extend, not reduce their services?"
Could, perhaps, someone volunteer to approach Redmond & point out that such "a model" IS tantamount to "running the museums with volunteers"?
Moreover, as Redmond knows all too well, but won't admit, the ConDem cuts mean that both opening hours & staff will be cut across the board; Redmond is guilty of intellectual dishonesty.
Incidentally, Redmond really should acquaint himself with trade union history if he thinks that "the Trade Union movement itself was founded on volunteers" & continues to rely upon them. Such a reading of history is, at best, partial &, at worst, misleading.
Meanwhile, as Redmond establishes himself as Cameron's Merseyside representative (even though he doesn't live in the region), another local effect of the ConDem cuts in the Department of Transport has been signalled with the impending cancellation of the second Mersey crossing & the electrification of the Liverpool to Manchester rail link ( ).
Perhaps we could arrange an army of volunteers to ensure both projects go ahead. What do you think, Phil?

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Ronnie de Ramper said...

No Liverpool MP invited Cameron to Liverpool; no Councillor either. No elected representative of the people asked Cameron to use the city as a backdrop for his shoddy campaign.

Phil Redmond invited Cameron. That's the wholly unelected, millionaire Phil Redmond, the wholly unelected Chairman of the entirely unaccountable NML Board. That's who invited Cameron.

Yet the Tory press, the Tory Party, and the Oldham Echo now trumpet the 'fact' that Liverpool backs Cameron's B/S.

No, it does not. No, we do not. Redmond stands in a long and dismal line of renegades and traitors to the dispossessed and disadvantaged.

I do hope he stands for City Mayor if the opportunity ever arises. It will be a pleasure to mobilise against him