Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogger Bullied

Every so often a story appears which makes even acerbic bloggers re-read the details, so as to confirm the arrogance & stupidity of those responsible for it. In this case it concerns the local council for Argyll and Bute in the west of Scotland. The pathetic bureaucrats have bullied a nine year-old girl into discontinuing a blog she's kept about the quality of the school meals she & her fellow pupils have been offered ( ).
The blog by Martha Payne ( ) is impressive, doubly so when you consider her age.
If you would like to let Argyll & Bute council know about your views on their reprehensible & ultimately counterproductive actions, you can ( ).

14.50 UPDATE: The idiots responsible for intimidating a nine year-old schoolgirl have been forced to back down ( ). 

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Homer Oston said...

This kid is going to have some life, She's a real Scot. { BLOG }