Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tory Gets The Paxo Treatment

It's been a while since Jeremy Paxman really sank his teeth into a hapless & hopeless politician. However, last night's Newsnight provided a real red meat moment for Paxo ( ).
 Junior treasury minister Chloe Smith had already been in a bruising encounter with Krishnan Guru Murthy on Channel 4 News ( ). Nothing, though, could prepare her for the Paxman treatment (the interview starts on 6'19). Woefully out of her depth, Smith made the fatal error of thinking that a stream of cliches & soundbites would be enough. Paxo soon disabused her of that notion & memorably concluded the interrogation by asking: "Do you ever think you are incompetent?"
Smith had been well & truly Paxo'd, her ministerial career in tatters. 

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