Friday, June 15, 2012

Reward For Failure: £900,000

The fall-out from the Leveson revelations has gone beyond the venality of Murdoch's empire. Other proprietors have blinked uncomfortably in the glare of what have been relatively mild questions from Leveson himself & the QCs at the inquiry. Overlooked in all this has been the record of Trinity Mirror, the Oldham Echo's parent company.
Its chief executive Sly Bailey looked distinctly rattled when questioned about the company's modus operandi. 
Bailey had intended to depart from Trinity later in the year. However, sensing the contempt in which she is held by most of the company's staff (there were cheers in the Mirror newsroom when she announced her departure), Bailey has decided to sling her hook with immediate effect, as tersely confirmed in a Pravdaesque piece slotted into the Oldham Echo (
What isn't mentioned in the Echo's oleaginous article is the £900,000 Bailey will pocket as she vacates her desk ( ).
I'm sure the workers that the company has "let go" during her tenure will wish her well & view her payoff as richly merited.

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