Friday, September 07, 2012

A Fair And Balanced Libel

Ahead of the release of the Hillsborough documents at the Anglican Cathedral next Wednesday, the spotlight is being shone on the invertebrates responsible for the libel against Liverpool fans. One such specimen is Harry Arnold, the "journalist" who wrote up the Sun's infamous story which was then presented by the well-known liar Kelvin MacKenzie as "The Truth".
Arnold has spoken to the BBC ( ) about his role in MacKenzie's lie:
"He said his story had been written in a 'fair and balanced way' because he understood that the claims -- which were later shown to be totally unfounded -- were no more than 'allegations'. "
So this "journalist" thought a story which was fictitious as well as offensive from start to finish was written in a "fair and balanced way", did he? By speaking in such terms, Arnold has revealed himself to be just as spineless & cowardly as the liar MacKenzie.

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