Thursday, September 13, 2012

Justice Delayed, Not Denied

It's been a long road for the families. Yesterday, however, a chink of light broke into the darkness ( ).
That the families had to endure a persistent libel over a quarter of a century is one of the most outrageous travesties in British legal history, as David Conn --- a journalist whose work on Hillsborough should be singled out for praise -- expertly documents ( ).
You would think that the panel's findings ensure that the names of those who colluded in the lies & smears will always be mud. You would think that, wouldn't you? However, Roy Greenslade doesn't ( ).
Pre-Leveson, the people of Merseyside & beyond recognised that rag for what it has always been; a leopard can't change its spots & it reflects badly on Greenslade for suggesting that "sincerity" lies in its commercially-driven cry of mea culpa.
As for MacKenzie, his status as a liar of the first order has now been officially recognised, a view endorsed today by a Seven Streets piece ( ).

Postscript: Eyebrows were raised by some when I named not just MacKenzie, but Irvine Patnick & others some years back. At the time it would have been possible for them to sue me. They didn't because they knew that what I wrote was The Truth.

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