Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Neutering A Malevolent Merseybeast

Recommended reading: Seven Streets assessment of the civic & cultural liability that the Mathew Street festival has become (http://www.sevenstreets.com/events-and-attractions/feature-events-and-attractions/7-ways-to-save-liverpoolmathew-st-festival ).
Seven Streets' opening is both damning & unquestionably accurate:
"It's a real shame that, for a large majority of us, the annual lead-up to the Mathew Street festival is filled with complete dread. Liverpool city centre becomes a no-go zone, only for the bravest of the brave. Like one of those 'are you man enough?' army adverts, except with a minefield of half-empty Carling cans and vomit."
Given the financial question mark that hangs over the festival's future, Seven Streets looks at ways in which the event can be saved &/or improved, each suggestion it makes possessing more than a modicum of feasibility. It addresses, inter alia, the booze issue; reducing the number of outdoor stages; making it more family-friendly & integrating the Fringe festival, the latter idea being particularly innovative & welcome.

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