Friday, May 22, 2009

Ellman's Expenses

We really are living in strange times when the Daily Telegraph, of all papers, can hold the sword of Damocles over every MP on a daily basis. It's rumoured (& not denied by the Telegraph) that the paper paid £150,000 for the deadly disc of information. Given the dramatic increase in the Telegraph's circulation over the last fortnight, it's clearly money well spent.
Thus far, there's no more news about local MPs. Wayne posted about Liverpool Riverside's Louise Ellman earlier ( ).
In one of those striking instances of coincidence, today's Oldham Echo carries a characteristically slight piece, stating that Ellman has published her Westminster receipts ( ).
It reveals that "taxpayers pay for her breakfast - but only when she is working at Westminster."
Ah, that's OK then. Hang on, what's this? "Purchases have included a £499 26-inch flat-screen TV and a 64p ballpoint pen."
Five hundred quid for a TV? Seems like she's still shopping at John Lewis'.
The article adds: "Her newsletter to every constituency household last year cost £2,140."
Two grand on a self-serving, self-congratulatory missive, replete with New Labour jargon & buzzphrases, high on hype, low on substance. Well done, Louise. Looking forward to being Telegraphed?

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...


I would appreciate it if you note....and not for the first time that I run my shop in your constituancy and request the information on that basis.
I may well live in your constituancy but I feel it is not an appropriate position for you to decide to refuse information to someone who pays thier business rates because it suits you to do so.
You are the MP for my area.
So I request again from you In the interests of transparency the requested information.
I have requested from you under the freedom of information act and the information is required under the allotted timescale for a FOI request.

Please can you now provide the requested information.

I look forward to hearing from you by return.

Wayne Colquhoun.

Dear Mr Colquhoun

I would be grateful if you could confirm your home address, so that I can confirm you are my constituent.

Yours sincerely

Louise Ellman

MP Liverpool Riverside

0151-236 2969