Friday, May 29, 2009

The List So Far

For those of you wondering if your MP's been Telegraphed yet, read on: .
"Joe Benton [Lab, Bootle] designated his second home as a flat he owns in London. In 2005 he claimed £400 a month for food during the summer recess and in 2008 spent £1,500 on repairs to his second home."
"Ben Chapman [Lab, Wirral South] deliberately overclaimed for interest on the mortgage of his London house by about £15,000 with the approval of the fees office, documents seen by the Telegraph suggest. He will stand down at the next election."
"Rosie Cooper [Lab, West Lancashire] claimed £915 for solicitors' fees and survey costs on a property she did not buy."
"Claire Curtis-Thomas [Lab, Crosby] claimed £9,000 for fire escape in second home in her constituency which doubles as an office and was paid £4,000. Submitted £12,000 of receipts for kitchen, and hall. Tried to claim £20 for bank charges when overdrawn."
"Angela Eagle [Lab, Wallasey] claimed just £155 a month mortgage interest on her second home for a period and even underclaimed for council tax."
"Maria Eagle [Lab, Liverpool Garston] claimed thousands of pounds on refurbishing a bathroom at one of her flats just months before switching her designated second home to a property with a higher mortgage."
"Louise Ellman [Lab, Liverpool Riverside] claims £838 a month in mortgage interest, plus £2,300 annual service charges on flat in Westminster. Also claimed £594 for six 'leather effect' dining chairs from John Lewis."
"Frank Field [Lab, Birkenhead] claimed just £44,338 on his second home allowance between 2004 and 2008."
"Stephen Hesford [Lab, Wirral West] has a second home is a flat in Kennington, south London. In 2005-6 he put through a £5,599 bill for a new bathroom and challenged the fees office when told the most he would be allowed was £3,500."
"George Howarth [Lab, Knowsley North & Sefton East] has a second home in London. Claimed £1,000 for a chest of drawers which was reduced by the fees office to £500, and £20 for a colander. MP said he had bought the drawers as 'they were the only ones that matched' his furniture."
"Peter Kilfoyle [Lab, Liverpool Walton] has claimed the maximum second home allowance over the past four years. Claims mortgage on a flat near Westminster and also charged taxpayers £1,770 in service charges."
"Shaun Woodward [St Helens South] received £100,000 to help pay mortgage."
Eddie O'Hara [Lab, Knowsley South], John Pugh [Lib Dem, Southport], Dave Watts [Lab, St Helens North], & Bob Wareing [Ind, Liverpool West Derby] all have yet to be Telegraphed.

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