Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Truths

Warren Bradley's motley crew of ne'er-do-wells, chancers & arrivistes also has among its number Councillor Dave Irving. David Bartlett today reports that Irving, chairman of the planning committee on Liverpool City Council, has a home in Southport ( ).
Bartlett's report is liberally (pardon the pun) sprinkled with the words "allegedly" & "claimed", presumably to prevent Oldham Hall Street's lawyers from being called in.
However, it's notable that all Irving can say by way of response is that the Labour group hired private investigators to check out the story:
"Cllr Dave Irving, who represents Knotty Ash for the Liberal Democrats, claimed that the Labour Party had him followed."
That's not a denial then, is it?
[BTW, there's an alarming pattern here which the good Professor Chucklebutty should address: First, Cllr Paul "franking machine" Twigger & his risible Liverpool Piss-Up Day suggestion, now, Cllr Dave Irving & his Southport abode, both of whom misrepresent the good people of Knotty Ash. Professor, time for action!]
Bartlett outlines the legal position regarding this issue:
"Liverpool city council's solicitor Paul Evans has been asked by Labour to investigate the claims against Cllr Irving. Under council rules, candidates must have lived in the council area they are standing in for the whole of the previous 12 months at the time of nomination, or be registered as an elector for the council area in which they wish to stand or have worked in the area."
He also goes on to note that Irving won his ward last year by 35 votes. The term wafer-thin springs to mind.
So what does Irving actually have to say for himself, apart from accusing Labour of paying a private eye to follow him?
"I have listened to the Labour party go on about Steve Hurst [convicted of breaking election law] and making out they are whiter than white, far from it."
Is that it? No claim of media distortion, or innocent misunderstanding? Right, I see. When investigated, throw a peeved, petulant missive at your political opponents. Moreover, Irving's reference to Hurst merely serves to cement the Lib Dem's thoroughly warranted image as a corrupt & malign tumour in the city's body politic.
Wayne's already posted on the Irving case ( ), touching on Irving's links with Trevor Jones & relating an intriguing exchange he had with the Southport, sorry, Knotty Ash councillor recently.
Professor Chucklebutty deals magisterially with the Hurst affair, as well as other recent events locally & nationally ( ). Professor, you're a star!

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