Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Sure Those Cormorants Are Teathered Down

I'm not sure if Wayne over at the Liverpool Preservation Trust ( ) has noticed or commented on it, but I was disturbed by the news last week that the iconic Liver Building has undergone what has been described as a "makeover" ( ):
"Roy Alexander, director of architecture at property consultancy Acies, has overseen the first phase and believes the building's architect, Aubrey Thomas, would have been delighted with the results.
"He said: 'We tried to put his hat on and think "what would he have used?" What would he do with the materials and technology that are around today?
" 'If Aubrey Thomas was around, I think we would get a pat on the back.' "
[I can't help thinking that if Aubrey Thomas were around today, he would rage at the stupidity of building a giant egg box next to the Three Graces, as well as the lunacy of trying to turn the Liverpool waterfront into a mini-me version of Manhattan.]
The Echo article says the near £1m refurbishment of the building's west entrance (facing the river, for the benefit of any readers unfamiliar with the waterfront) includes a ramp for disabled access. Not before time, we'd all agree. However, more worryingly, it adds that Roy Alexander said that the building "had to present more of a commercial opportunity". What purpose, exactly, has the building served over the last century?
Of course, let's not forget that the area around the Three Graces will soon be adorned not just with a Cubist's wet dream, but also the aestetically pleasing & ornate features of fast food vans ( ).
Aubrey Thomas would be so pleased.

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waynecolquhoun said...

I couldnt have said it better myself and Roy Alexander should know better than to pat himself on the back. Maybe he is meaning because he has a job because his proffession is in big trouble.