Friday, July 31, 2009

Candidate's Hopes Submerged?

The word is that local Tories are increasingly concerned about both Esther McVey's involvement with the collapsed building on the Dock Road & her less than adroit handling of the matter with her statement to the media. Indeed, some are even privately referring to her as the new Debi Jones. Sefton's Councillor Jones, prospective Tory candidate for the Crosby seat at the next election, was, you might recall, concerned a few years back about Antony Gormley's "Another Place" installation on Crosby beach. Ms Jones opined that the figures could pose a risk to shipping in Crosby Channel. Even though such a glaring faux-pas won't affect her chances in the newly re-drawn Sefton Central constituency (Labour's Claire Curtis-Thomas has already thrown in the towel after being Telegraphed), the episode marked Councillor Jones down as a future rent-a-quote MP whose appetite for media coverage outweighs concerns about Cameron's view of her.

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Ronnie said...

What's that ridiculous monstrosity in the background of that pic? Could it be the famous Crosby Observatory, the 'plans-for', artist's impression version? Or is it a mirage?