Thursday, July 16, 2009

One City, Two Worlds

It may not quite rival Westminster tales of moats & duck houses, but the dispute between former Lib Dem mayor of Liverpool, Paul Clark, & the city council still shines a brilliant light on how the other half live their lives & the assumptions they make regarding their private whims.
David Bartlett reported in the Echo last week on Clark's battle with the planning committee to build a four-bedroom house & detached double his garden. Yes, you read that correctly, his garden ( ).
Clark lives in a spacious listed property in Grassendale Park, overlooking the Mersey. After Woolton, it is probably the most affluent area of the city. It's unclear why, apart from the obvious pecuniary advantage via rent, Clark wishes to turn part of his rather large garden over to bricks & mortar.
Be that as it may, there's something deeply distasteful about a councillor who represents County Ward in Walton, one of the most deprived in the city, deploying his skills as a barrister &, doubtless, phoning round his mates at the council to win a planning application for his property in an area where the average house goes for at least £500,000.
Having declared his loyalty to fellow Lib Dem councillor & convicted criminal Steve Hurst ( ), it'll be interesting to see if Warren Bradley displays solidarity with Clark & his laudable attempt to slap a four-bedroom house & double garage in a corner of his large garden.

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Esther Johnson said...

It stinks to high heaven. No surprise whatsoever from the Liverpool cabal.