Friday, July 31, 2009

Going Off Air

It's always nice to see misfortune befall idiots who delight in causing offence; schadenfreude made manifest.
Steven Cohen, a "shock-jock" based in Los Angeles who co-hosts a show called World Soccer Daily, chose the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough to repeat the lies peddled by the Sun. It didn't escape my attention at the time ( ).
It now seems that Cohen has left his position with the Fox Soccer Channel, who refuse to comment on his departure ( ):
"Today Conor Brennan, vice-president of fans' group LFC New York, told the ECHO they aimed to force Cohen off air.
"He said: 'Cohen leaving Fox is a big step as he uses the TV and radio shows to promote each other.
" 'We want to make him toxic to advertisers. His apology was Mickey Mouse, a non-apology.
" 'He said he would not speak about it [Hillsborough], but has kept on making snide asides to the disaster.
" 'No amount of showing him what the Taylor Report said makes him change his opinion.
" 'If the man cannot make a meaningful apology, we will go to his advertisers so he can no longer make a profit.
" 'I have zero faith that on the 21st anniversary of the tragedy, he will not indulge in the same "loutish" behaviour.' "
Cohen last week issued a statement in which he pathetically & contemptuously attempted to marry his own prejudices with the facts of the disaster. He's also used the World Soccer Daily website to claim that he's received anti-semitic emails from Liverpool supporters ( ). If any such emails have been sent, it goes without saying that they should be condemned; as well as being offensive & racist, they also damage the campaign to get this odious individual off the airwaves altogether.
The show can be contacted by phone: (001) (877) 382-5556 or by email: . There is also a website set up to ensure that since Cohen won't retract his lies, he suffers in the pocket via an exodus of sponsors: .

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