Monday, February 18, 2008


Time to go?
Sorry, Rafa, I've stuck by you all along. Throughout the mendacious strategems employed by Gillett & Hicks, I've taken your side in highlighting the farce that now prevails inside the Anfield Boardroom.
Alas no more. Saturday's FA Cup defeat at home to Barnsley lifted the scales from my eyes. It also gives the owners preciously needed ammunition:
Andy Hunter's piece touches upon the debacle brought about in the last year & reveals a nest of vipers turning on each other at boardroom level:
"Gillett is understood to be receptive to the idea of a quick profit on his 12-month investment but Hicks is continuing to make exorbitant demands of the Dubai company, not only financial, and remains a major obstacle to any serious business discussions with DIC."
Thanks for Istanbul, Rafa, but the time is fast approaching when you'll have to admit that you can't take the club any further. Adios, compadre.

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