Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Futility Of Fighting

There's an overwhelming sense of deja-vu about the decision by Rolls Royce to close their Bootle plant, with the loss of 200 jobs, & the response to it. The company's justification (globalisation, lower labour costs elsewhere, etc.) is pretty much impossible to counter in a world where global capitalism is seen & accepted as the only game in town.
The campaign to save the plant, led by the unions, is laudable. However, I expect it to bite the dust soon. Joe Benton, the local Labour MP, has bleated forlornly about the unfairness of it all for the benefit of the local media.
By all accounts, the government has been drawn into the affair, offering all sorts of sweeteners to the company, but...well, you know the rest.
Rather pathetically, Ian Hernon, Parliamentary reporter for the Liverpool Echo has added his tuppenceworth: .
Hernon naively laments, "On some occasions the supposed power of the ECHO, the Parliamentary lobby and the Press in general seems to count for little."
This is a consequence of economic reality. Wise up, Mr. Hernon.

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