Monday, February 11, 2008

Disorienting Dissent

Last week's edition of Question Time ( ) came from St George's Hall in Liverpool. Disappointingly there was no room on the panel for a local voice. Be that as it may, I was struck by one particular moment in the discussion. New Labour minister for culture, Andy Burnham, attempted to defend the Government's inept handling of the economy since the Northern Rock debacle with a dig at the Tory MP on the panel, Chris Grayling, about the Thatcher years & its effect on Merseyside.
Burnham eulogised about the transformation of the city centre (the "Big Dig"). Grayling cooly responded that you only had to venture a mile out of the city centre to witness levels of poverty which make a mockery of New Labour's much-vaunted desire to tacle the issue. I found myself nodding in agreement with Grayling, then pulled myself up in shock. I had just agreed with a Tory on this issue! Ineed to see my GP.

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