Monday, February 18, 2008

Gimme Some Truth, Yoko!

Lennon with The Quarrymen manager, Nigel Walley on Lime Street in 1958

Yoko Ono is still an easy target for satirists, columnists & bloggers due to her idiosyncratic ways. However, it needs to be said that she has often been her own worst enemy. For a woman who claims to be media-savvy, some of her gestures & pronouncements really have served as the red rag to the media's bull. Last year she opened a Peace Centre in Iceland. Quite what this building is supposed to do is anyone's guess. I'm sure the Icelandic people are a little bemused, too.

Most recently, Ono gave her blessing for NASA to beam "Across The Universe" into space, the notion being that any alien life-forms out there will receive this message as a peace offering from our planet.

The phrase, "away with the fairies" springs to mind.

Ono has carefully & assiduously cultivated an image of her late husband as a latter day saint, a paragon of principle, a cross between the Dalai Lama & John the Baptist. In short, the sort of figure that Bono aspires to be. Today's music blog on the Guardian notes this with a raised eyebrow: .

As the blog's author, David Bennum, notes, "Lennon was a great artist, but his supposed insights into humankind --let alone the universe-- were often banal to the point of fatuity."

Lennon was at his best when he was being a sarcastic bastard; his caustic wit was sometimes priceless. Far better to remember that side of him rather than the hippy-dippy, stoned millionaire who whined, "Imagine no possessions".

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