Monday, February 11, 2008

A Welcome Antidote To Junk Journalism

A day or so after reading Martin Bell's piece, I was transfixed by an edition of Hardtalk on (yes, you've guessed it) BBC News24, in which Stephen Sackur interviewed the Chicago writer & journalist Studs Terkel: .
I subsequently emailed the link to Tony Karon, associate editor of Time magazine in New York. Tony is a fellow Liverpool FC fan. More significantly, perhaps, is Tony's writing on current affairs. As a secular Jew, Tony's critical stance on Israel's policies in the Middle East has brought him a lot of crude invective from those in the US & beyond who seem to think that Israel can do no wrong. His blog, Rootless Cosmoplitan, is an excellent read, too ( ).
Terkel is now in his 90s, & his physical frailty was painfully evident in the interview. However, the power of his ideas & observations rendered his physical condition temporarily irrelevant. His belief in the human spirit is an inspiration when mainstream thought renders one jaded.

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