Friday, June 12, 2009

Besmirching Shankly's Name

There's been a relatively muted response in the local media to an incident that took place at an end of season party organised by the Spirit of Shankly group at the Olympia Ballroom in West Derby on May 24th.
By all accounts, a "musician" took to the stage & started a chant about the Munich air disaster in 1958. The idiot's antics were caught on video & posted on YouTube. However, if you visit the link now, you'll find a statement from YouTube: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by the Spirit of Shankly, Liverpool Supporters' Union" ( ).
SoS is being disingenuous & it knows it. Copyright? Do me a favour, folks, it's sheer embarrasment & shame at a disgusting incident which the SoS allowed to happen.
As Matt Scott wrote in his Digger column in the Guardian sports section on Wednesday ( ), SoS have issued an apology for the incident ( ).
However, that isn't quite the end of the matter. Scott observes that it "does not explain how the singer was allowed to remain on stage for at least five minutes afterwards. A spokesman did not return calls."
SoS has deservedly won plaudits from far & wide for its campaign against the ruinous reign of Hicks & Gillett at Anfield. It would be stupid in the extreme to forfeit such tributes & support by failing to take the necessary steps on this incident. There will always be drunken idiots among the ranks of Liverpool fans who sing about Munich; as long as they're marginalised & told in no uncertain terms to either grow up or shut up, that should be sufficient. However, allowing a "performer" to grab the microphone & repeat such crap reflects badly on SoS's organisational abilities.

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