Friday, June 05, 2009

Cancel The Plane Tickets

When she isn't ignoring letters & emails from her own constituents ( ), Liverpool Riverside's MP Louise Ellman chairs the transport select committe down at the Augean stables that masquerade as the Houses of Parliament. Ellman & her chums were due to jet across the Atlantic next week. However, there's been a change of plan. Hugh Muir in today's Guardian diary column casts a wry look ( ):
"And there will be no early election, goes the line from the bunker. We still have a mandate. We're still getting on with the job. Which makes it quite surprising that the transport select committee, led by Labour MP Louise Ellman, has cancelled a trip to Washington next week fearing that there might soon be an election. It's not as if they would miss out. There's always CNN."
Ellman's majority in her seat has halved to just over 10,000 since 1997. As today's election coverage conveys the scale of Labour's wipe out in the local elections, Ellman will be worried. Very worried.

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