Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Riddance

The news that David Moores has resigned from the board of Liverpool Football Club ( ) will not be greeted with sorrow by most supporters. Moores wept crocodile tears last year in an Oldham Echo "exclusive", saying he felt betrayed by Hicks & Gillett. However, that sense of betrayal was, no doubt, lessened by the £90m he pocketed from the takeover.
Moores & outgoing chief executive Rick Parry bequeathed a toxic legacy in the form of Hicks & Gillett's ruinous reign which has ended any possibility of a new stadium in Stanley Park, the implications of which will be severe for the wider Anfield area ( ). Rightly or wrongly, some partial regeneration of Liverpool 4 was presented as a hastily-agreed add-on to the stadium project a decade ago. Now, as a source told David Conn in his Guardian piece, "You can forget about that".
The club has been Glazered & the owners have no qualms about leeching off it ( ).

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