Thursday, June 25, 2009

Steven Wells

It was via Simon's No Rock and Roll Fun blog that I earlier learned about the death of Steven Wells from cancer on Tuesday ( ).
"Swells" had moved to the US in recent years & ensured he made his mark in Philadelphia ( ), & also blogged for the Guardian music & sports sections ( ).
However, it is as an excoriating NME scribe in the 80s & 90s that Steven will be best remembered.
I always approached his NME pieces with a mixture of relish & awe. Throughout today bloggers & ex-colleagues have highlighted his socialist principles & basic humanity. I didn't always agree with his articles, but he was fearless in saying what he thought. He could be brilliantly scornful of left-wing pop stars who talked the talk, but didn't entirely walk the walk. However, that was as nothing compared to the rage & anger he directed at Thatcher & the system she represented. Steven Wells was truly a one-off.

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olderthanelvis said...

I was a bit disturbed to see a Google Ad for the BNP on this page. Why are Google even taking ads for the BNP?