Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Accurate Journalism

Looks like the Oldham Echo's Ian Hernon was spot-on in reporting that David Miliband would make a nonsense of all those reports that he wouldn't work under his brother ( ).
No doubt Big Al Machray will be commending Hernon for his scoop.

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Anonymous said...

Strikes me that David Miliband's actions by not standing for the shadow cabinet because he was defeated, shows he was not the right person for the job.

But what does that say about the barnstorming speech about how important it is for everyone to get behind Ed and vital that they rebuild the party - except for him, as it doesn't now fit with his career plans and ego.

Even so, I think it will be harder for them to win under Ed than it would have been under David, as he has the look and voice of an annoying student at a debating society.

What was interesting was his remarks about Israel and Palestine. I understand his mother is a long time supporter or advocate of Jews for Justice, representing Jewish groups in Israel and around the world who recognise the continued injustice in the treatment of the Palestinians. It may be good to have a Jewish Labour leader who is more open to criticism of Israel and may help counter the charge of anti-semitism whenever any criticism is made of the Israeli State. But it may also create some distrust amongst the Palestinian and Arab peoples particularly if we continue to be drawn into the increasing bloodlust and scramble for reasons to present Iran as next on the hitlist for invasion. But then they may use Iraq to do that for us, like last time.