Saturday, September 11, 2010

Green Gets Away With Facebook "Joke"

Given the flak they'll warrant at their Liverpool conference next week, the local Lib Dems have decided to get the relatively minor stuff out of the way in advance. The North West Lib Dems have finally decided to administer a slap on the wrist to Cllr Sharon Green for her Facebook "joke" ( ) & told her not to do it again ( ).
However, it would seem that the local party is either in a state of total ignorance about the workings of Facebook, or expects the rest of us to suspend all our intellectual faculties:
"An investigation into newly-elected councillor Sharon Green said it was 'not possible to say beyond reasonable doubt' whether she had created the offensive content."
The North West Lib Dems merely "reprimanded" Green for mismanaging her Facebook account.
Mismanaging, eh? Well I suppose that's one way of putting it. Another way of putting it is to say the local party is trying, not very successfully, to cover up for Green's gesture & is prepared, if necessary, to lie about it.
David Bartlett notes in his piece:
"It is understood the Lib Dems had been keen to conclude the investigation ahead of the party's high-profile conference in Liverpool next Saturday."
I bet they were.
Nice to see that Warren "War Zones" Bradley's much-vaunted hotline to Nick Clegg has been put to use...even if it is only to get his partner off the hook.

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