Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hicks & Gillett To Get The Hollywood Treatment

Kudos to Scott Murray, normally of the Guardian, for penning a perceptive piece on one of the football blogs regarding Sky Sports' real agenda in their coverage of the fans' sit-in protest after the match at Anfield on Saturday ( ).
The Murdoch-owned station is only too happy to patronise supporters who pose for their cameras in team colours or reminisce about their club's history. However, Sky becomes embarrassed & jittery when the fans begin to question the ownership of their club. It's much too close to home for Murdoch & his acolytes.
Meanwhile, there's a chance for Liverpool supporters to voice their feelings about the liars' ruinous reign at Anfield on film at the Hope Street Hotel this weekend. As Jim Boardman puts it in a post on the Anfield Road blog ( ):
"Liverpool fans the world over have helped to push the story under the noses of bank executives across the globe. Last week the story was placed firmly into the faces of literally thousands of US media contacts.
"Email has been an important tool. Twitter and Facebook have helped push it that little bit further. Next up -- YouTube.
"Casting Director Dan Hubbard (King Kong, The Damned United, The Bourne Ultimatum and more) and Hollywood Producer and Director Mike Jefferies are both massive Liverpool supporters. And that means they've also had just about enough of the situation too. And they're going to do something about it.
"But, as with every part of this campaign, they need your help.
"Are you in Liverpool this weekend? Can you be in Liverpool this weekend?
"They're making a film, they want it to go viral, they want you to star in it.
"It's not just about the famous faces they've approached to join in, it's about all fans -- all fans who want an end to this nightmare.
"Get yourself down to the Hope Street Hotel in town this weekend.
"Saturday: 10am-6pm.
"Sunday: 9am-Noon."
So, if you consider yourself a Liverpool supporter, or even if your footballing allegiance lies on the other side of Stanley Park but you still view the saga as symptomatic of football club ownership generally, here's an excellent way of sustaining the campaign.
See you there.

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Dont forget it was Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors that said it vwas all going to be alrihjt fed, no spoonfed by Hicks and Gilletts PR people