Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recommended Reading

Kudos to Michael Moore on his recently-started blog (what took him so long?), Open Mike, for injecting a much-needed note of sanity & common sense into the debate around the so-called mosque (it's actually a cultural centre containing a mosque) in Manhattan ( ).
The anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has witnessed an intensification of the rabid rantings from the US hard Right (Fox, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, all the usual suspects) with their apocalyptic pronouncements about The Clash Of Civilisations & an unspoken wish to resurrect & resume the medieval Crusades. Into this truly toxic stew pours the malicious bile & ignorance of Florida Pastor Terry Jones --neatly described in a Guardian editorial today as "a low-rent bigot with a gun" ( ) --with his now-withdrawn threat to burn 20 copies of the Qur'an today.
There's nothing new about scapegoating particular groups of people in order to distract attention from the flaws in your own policies & that's precisely what we're seeing in Manhattan & the US generally today.

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