Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pot, Kettle, Black

This blog doesn't normally draw attention to the way people look. In fact, it's a trait I usually deprecate. However, the words, glasshouses & stones really do spring to mind when perusing the latest example of Joe Riley's sagacity & wisdom ( ) in the Oldham Echo.
Riley opines:
"Merseyside fire chief Tony McGuirk notes there are some bone idle workers in the public sector. He then apologises.
"Then a Dutch director of Stena Line ferries describes British workers wanting jobs as unsuitably fat and covered in tattoos. He, too, apologises.
"Despite the evidence of our eyes and ears, telling the truth is obviously a difficult and dangerous business nowadays."
Yes, not content with scrawling ignorant & crass bilge about the proposed community centre in Manhattan, incorporating an area of religious worship for muslims ( ), Riley now wades into the bone-headed "bone idle" comments of Merseyside fire chief Tony McGuirk ( ), asserting, without any supporting evidence, that McGuirk's scattergun libel on public sector workers is somehow indisputable.
For good measure, Riley concurs with a businessman who feels that it is valid & permissible to call people (not "some" people, you'll note) "unsuitably fat".
However, it would seem that "the evidence of our eyes" draws us to "a difficult and dangerous" truth concerning Riley's qualification to pontificate on the subject.

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Bet you he didnt turn up pissed and fell asleep at A Jimmy McGovern play like the life of O'Riley did, and got suspended for it.