Thursday, May 01, 2008

Abstention Over Engagement

It's local election day in most parts of the country, but staff at nearly all polling stations will feel as isolated as Fernando Torres at Stamford Bridge last night. The candidates in my ward span the range of political opinion: Labour, Tory & Ukip. Yep, spoilt for choice aren't I? Do I vote for a sad, eccentric bunch of Victor Meldrew wannabes who think that all the UK's problems stem from Brussels? Should I cast my vote for the party which did more than the Luftwaffe in destroying the country's manufacturing base thereby creating today's underclass? Am I to vote for a party which has given us an illegal war in Iraq, the debacle of Northern Rock, the abolition of the 10p tax band which hits its own base so ruinously & the pathetic appeasement of China over the Tibet issue?
It gives me no satisfaction to say that I'll be sitting this one out.

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