Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Olde Liverpoole Town

Two quotes from days of yore, the first suggesting that the Scouse scally was around before industrialisation & the slave trade transformed the port; the second seemingly penned by someone who should be working for the Culture Company today (quotes courtesy of ):
1. "Have a care of them, for the men of Liverpool are the most perfidious in all England, worse than my pen can describe." Sir Edward Moore, 1667.
2. "The degrees of the soil, the purity of the waters, the mildness of the air, the antiseptic elluvia of pitch and tar, the acid exhalations from the sea, the pregnant brisk gales of wind and the daily visitations of the tides render Liverpool one of the healthiest places in the Kingdom." Dr. Dobson, 1772.
Who knows what the good doctor was on, but I'd sure like it on prescription.

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