Monday, May 05, 2008

A Turncoat In Toytown

Liverpool's political make-up has long been at variance with the national picture. Not since the early 70s, when the Tories were represented on the council, has the city been in step with the rest of the country. This difference was both reflected & perpetuated last Thursday.
While Labour was taking a much warranted kick up the backside (& perhaps more) across the rest of England & Wales, Liverpool's Labour Party failed to unseat the Lib Dem incumbents,despite winning three seats from them. Those gains, however, did mean that the council would be hung; Warren Bradley & his coterie of incompetent administrators faced losing their hold on the city.
Cometh the hour, cometh the turncoat. Until last year Nadia Stewart was a Labour councillor in the Croxteth ward. She was then deselected by her local party, lack of attendance at council meetings being one of the complaints against her. Stewart, grand-daughter of the late city councillor & MEP, Ken Stewart, soldiered on as an "Independent". That was until the early hours of Friday morning when, his majority gone, Bradley announced that Stewart had decided to join the Lib Dem group ( ).
Stewart claimed, "This is something I have considered over the last couple of weeks. When I sat down and thought about my position if it was a hung council, I knew exactly what I had to do."
Yes, Nadia, but the thing is what you "had to do" will make your grandfather spin in his grave. Sure you can live with that?

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