Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Telling It Like It Is

As the implosion of the New Labour phenomenon proceeds apace, it's taken for granted that most of the observations about its demise will come from the Right. However, Tariq Ali, that venerable lefty, has penned a piece for the Guardian's Comment is Free webpage which made me murmur, "Yea, a Daniel come to judgement": .
In an excoriating critique of New Labour's "project" & its legacy, Ali scornfully points to the Parliamentary Labour Party & trades union leaders. As collaborators in the intellectual void that was New Labour, bound together by power, never principle, Ali declares:
"Look at them now as they squeal in anguish at the thought that they might lose their jobs. Members of the cabinet who have helped deregulate the country will find something or the other if the economy doesn't collapse, but for New Labour cannon-fodder the world outside the bubble offers little hope. It's too late now. They should accept that the party's over. Desperate squabbling to retain power at all costs without any political principle involved will not endear them to the electorate and is unrealistic in any case."
The New Labour commentariat couldn't hope to match that, so they're reduced to pointing out the Tories' true agenda rather than mount any sort of valid argument for the government. Jonathan Freedland's Guardian article ( ) is a case in point.

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