Sunday, May 18, 2008


Time to check in on our favourite ignoramus, Kelvin MacKenzie. Kelvin, of course, stood as an Independent candidate in the local elections. Alas, his noble stand on car parking charges at the local railway station in Weybridge came to naught. Kelvin trailed his Tory opponent by a whopping (sorry, couldn't resist a Sun word there) 452 votes.
Meanwhile, Stephen Bates in his People column for the Guardian relates a tale which shows MacKenzie's thoughtful side ( ).
For some unfathomable reason, MacKenzie was present at a recent conference in London concerned with PR for charities. Bates takes up the story: "Third Sector magazine reports his apoplectic response to a question from a representative from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, which works with sex offenders, about how the organisation could publicise its work more effectively. MacKenzie refused to give any advice to an organisation dealing with paedophiles and promised to expose them when he next writes a column."
On his electoral humiliation, Bates quotes MacKenzie's comments to the Weybridge News and Mail after the result was declared: "I am now going to launch the Red Mist party for anyone who is angry but impotent."
I can't help thinking that "impotent" is an unfortunate word for an ex-Sun editor to use.
Be that as it may, if you're a sad sack who sees Victor Meldrew as a role model, revels in bigotry & lazy generalisations, & is so spineless when challenged that an invertebrate looks imposing by contrast, your political home is calling.

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