Sunday, September 28, 2008

A BBC Repeat

Even the BBC has slow news days. You know, those long, fruitless hours journalists spend surfing the web in the hope of hitting on a story, any story, which will provide the basis of an item.
Such an affliction seems to have hit the BBC staff in Manchester who work on the north west edition of The Politics Show. One of today's items featured a rather old Lib Dem statement about bringing back terraces at major football stadia ( ).
Despite not being linked on the homepage, the piece is avilable to view again on the iPlayer link as the second item.
It's such an old story that the BBC reporter Gill Dummigan looks almost sheepish in presenting it as news. Soundbites from a mother who lost her son at Hillsborough (firmly against the proposal, naturally) & Rogan Taylor (cautiously welcoming) bring more heat than light to an issue which has surely had its day.
Come on, chaps. The silly season's over. Why not do a piece on the cancellation of the closing ceremony for Liverpool's year of culture? There's no shortage of material there, you know.

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