Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finding An Echo In The City

The reaction from the unions to the Echo's move to Oldham has been suitably savvy. Staff from the Daily Post & Echo spent Saturday in the city centre collecting signatures for a petition, protesting against the move ( ).
Unite's Paul Finegan declared, "Too many highly skilled jobs have already been lost on Merseyside and we will not stand by and let Trinity Mirror [owner of the Daily Post & Echo] move the printing of its local newspapers out of the city without a fight."
Stirring words & I wish them well. However, there is more than a feeling that the move is a fait accompli . Realistically, what leverage do the unions have on the matter? A petition's fine, but easily ignored. Industrial action has been mooted but, given the historical tensions between journalists & printers, don't expect the NUJ & Unite to, well, unite. Appeals to the city's business community will be met with a bemused look; business is business, they'll say, the bottom line counts.

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