Saturday, September 13, 2008

Get Out Of Our Pub

Word's travelling around the city (though not via the Liverpool Echo, surprise, surprise) about the frosty reception accorded to George Gillett in Ye Cracke (or the Crack, as we Scousers normally call it) on Rice Street. The Crack is considered to be one of the more bohemian pubs in the city centre (John Lennon spent perhaps too much time there in his days at the neighbouring Art College) & it's true that there is a large student element as well as local bohos in the place. However, Friday night would also have attracted many working class football fans to the pub. I'm surprised & amused that Gillett's people hadn't done their research. After the "welcome" given to Tom Hicks Jnr at the Sandon pub last year, it must surely be plain to Stadler & Waldorf by now that their presence in the city is as welcome as the Sun's printing plant.

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