Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Linden

In a roundabout way, news has only just reached me of the death of John Linden earlier this month. John was one of the 47 councillors in Liverpool who defied both the Tories & Kinnock in the 80s. His death & legacy are discussed in the Liverpool 47 Forum (,7235 ), in which Tony Mulhearn notes:
"John had often remarked that he didn't want his funeral to be an opportunity for rich funeral directors to line their pockets. So, in a final act of defiance, he was cremated in a cardboard box decorated with pictures of his family and his favourite persuits."
John was also a solicitor, & his advice & representation for those of us who fell foul of Tory laws (picketing & the poll tax) was invaluable.
Unlike most of the 47, John enjoyed a salary which could be described as "comfortable". However, much to the chagrin of his legal colleagues, he remained true to his convictions.
My condolences to his wife, Wenda, & the rest of his family.

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