Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Her Liverpool Home

Winifred Robinson, one of the presenters of BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme, went back to her hometown in a Radio 4 documentary broadcast earlier today. The programme's title, "What's Wrong With Scousers?" would be guaranteed to generate debate ( ).
However, Robinson presented a sympathetic, though far from uncritical, picture of the city.
One of the comments which resonated with me in the programme was made by local playright Willy Russell about those who put themselves up as "spokesmen" for Scousers. Liverpool poet Paul Farley made a similar point.
Perhaps the only qoute from the programme which could cause controversy came from Robinson herself when she remarked, "Scratch the surface of any Scouser and you will find a victim."
It was, of course, far too close to the "self-pity city" jibe, but I instinctively understood what Robinson meant; historically, the city has been full of luckless individuals & families.
Overall, a welcome corrective to the, sometimes self-inflicted, myths surrounding Liverpool.

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