Friday, May 28, 2010

Sick & Twisted

This blog's estimation of Warren "War Zones" Bradley has long been at gutter level. However, I now realise that was wrong, it should be sewer level ( ).
Bradley has rushed to the defence of Sharon Green, newly elected Lib Dem councillor for the St Michaels ward in Aigburth over a photograph of disabled people posted on Cllr Green's Facebook page, describing them in these charming words, "Hmmmm 'The Oppposition' ", referring to the Labour group on the city council. Green even went so far as to name Labour councillors below the photograph to underline her "joke".
Bradley claimed that Green "could not be held responsible" for the picture. However, as Marc Waddington pointed out, "the picture appeared to have been placed in an online 'album' called 'the opposition by Sharon Green', which could not be created or accessed by anyone but the owner of the Facebook page."
Anyone familiar with Facebook will know that to be the case. Bradley, however, displayed his customary bluster, mendacity & subterranean stupidity, yapping all too defensively, "This picture was posted via an external source to her profile by another, which subsequently downloads automatically into your photo file......
"It was completely out of her hands."
There's a pithy one-word description of Bradley's argument which is Anglo-Saxon in origin & rhymes with "wit". If he really expects us to believe "an external source" can post a picture to someone's Facebook page, Bradley truly deserves to go down as the most pathetic liar in the history of Liverpool politics, &, as we all know, there is no shortage of candidates for that dubious accolade.
Bradley remarked that he "considered the matter closed". Oh no, it isn't. This disgraceful case should be referred to the Local Government Ombudsman & disciplinary measures should be taken at that level against both Bradley & Green, who, as is commonly known in the city, are "an item". We shouldn't expect any sanctions against the contemptible couple from the city's Lib Dems, seeing as they re-elected Bradley as their leader recently.


Charles King said...

a lot of your posts seem to involve...Warren Bradley?

Are you in love with him or something? You seem to be nothing but a sad obsessive, salivating at, not any anti-Lib Dem, but specifically any anti-Warren articles that makes the Echo editorial. Which lets face it, isn't difficult in that [particular rags Anderson-loving era.

So where does your problem lie? Did he jilt you back or summat?

Tricky Woo said...

I think it's a fair comment. Warren, since he was deposed, clearly now does not have the services of ex Echo deputy editor turned PR gamekeeper Jon Brown to silence him, or to advise him on matters of a marital nature. Therefore the doors are wide open for him to publicly display his stupidity once again

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

I think it may be that Correspondent just thinks that Warren is an idiot and prefers to write about it in that format.
The local press, at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror, some of whom also think he is an idiot, choose not to write about him in that manner. There you go free speach.

Groucho Marx said...

He may look like an idiot and sound like an idiot, but don't let that fool you, he really is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

So does Brown do the spin for the Shanghai Expo nonsense that fills the Echo with wild speculations about Tens of Millions of pounds...or possibly four...maybe in ten years and other such fanciful tripe? Where was he after he left Trinity or does he still pop in from time to time?