Thursday, August 05, 2010

Big Al Machray's Found That Report...Or Has He?

A month after the incident, the Oldham Echo has admitted that the security goons at the venue that bears its name threatened amateur photographer Mike Evans with the anti-terror police for aiding & abetting a 9/11-style attack on the Liverpool waterfront...or something along those lines( ).
Ben Schofield's terse, three-sentence account of the affair, however, views matters in less of a journalistic & more of a PR context as he quotes the venue management's regret ( ).
There are, however, a few caveats to consider. Tim Banfield, the Echo Arena manager, states the venue is "reviewing our policy on photography." That's not an apology for a deeply distressing incident involving Mr Evans. Nor is it an admission that their "policy" on photography outside the venue has no basis in law. Secondly, nowhere in Schofield's diminutive dispatch is Mr Evans mentioned by name. Thirdly, Mr Evans' disability, confining him to a wheelchair, as well as his treatment for cancer last year, is omitted from the piece. Instead, it is left to one of the commenters, Tourman, to highlight this fact.
Even when the Oldham Echo attempts to do PR, it is grotesquely inept.


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

It may be fair to say that naming the Arena the Echo Arena guarentees no adverse publicity. This is not right and is right to be highlighted.

David Swift said...

This problem was highlighted years ago in London, where tourists had been harassed at Tower Bridge etc for taking innocent holiday snaps. For the Echo Arena not to know how the law stands is ludicrous, and Trinity Mirror's reportage is equally so.
Once again the local press are shown up as a p*ss poor outfit not worthy of the term "journalism". No change there then.

Anonymous said...

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