Monday, August 09, 2010

Finding The Right Word

I note that Simon Heffer has taken it upon himself to act as a defender of grammatical accuracy at the Daily Telegraph ( ).
I'm all in favour of choosing one's words carefully & ensuring that the correct words are employed (even though I'm a blogger!). However, Heffer should also understand the offence that inaccurate & bigoted jibes cause. It was Heffer, not Boris Johnson, who penned the infamous Spectator editorial about the people of Liverpool shortly after the murder of Ken Bigley in 2004 ( ).
There's a particular word for Heffer which could be best described as Chaucerian.

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David Swift said...

I read the attached article with disbelief. Not content with abusing those who paid the simplest of respects for Ken Bigley he was intent on maligning those who died at Hillsborough.
Presumably, as long as the punctuation is correct, the content doesn't matter. Give me an illiterate with a soul before this heartless excuse for a human being.