Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cannibalism, Not Craft

Keeping schtum about ignorant, heavy-handed goons at the Arena which displays its name & being disingenuous about the damage done to the waterfront by the Three Graces' new anti-social neighbours, the "journalism" at the Daily Ghost & Oldham Echo can be put into context by a piece which appeared on the How-Do website the other day ( ).
The article, quoting a report by Professor Natalie Fenton of Goldsmiths Media Research Centre for the Media Trust ( ), refers to the acquisition of the Guardian Media Group's regional media titles by Trinity Smoking Mirrors.
Professor Felton notes that such takeovers result in supposedly local papers having "less and less relevance for local people".
Most damningly of all, however, is Professor Felton's observation:
"There is evidence of journalists being thrust into news production more akin to creative cannibalisation than the craft of journalism.
"As they need to fill more space and to work at greater speed while also having improved access to stories and sources online, they talk less to their sources, are captured in desk-bound, cut-and-paste, administrative journalism."
Mark Thomas & Alastair Machray would do well to acknowledge that "creative cannibalisation" has become the hallmark of Oldham Hall Street's output.

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