Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Trending

Robin Brown over at the Liverpool Culture Blog notes that the creatures at Murdoch's rag, The Sun have set up a twitter channel about Liverpool FC ( ).
He puts this pathetic attempt to curry favour with a generation on Merseyside too young to remember Hillsborough in perspective:
"Not such a big deal? Maybe to the people of a city accused of the most hideous lies imaginable by the paper after Hillsborough.
"There are some things I think Liverpool needs to get over, but Hillsborough is a taboo. Emotion is still high and raw, and understandably as far as I'm concerned."
The reptiles at Wapping have to be told in no uncertain terms that they'll never be accepted by the people of Merseyside, not just Liverpool fans. That they've resorted to Twitter in the vain hope that memories have faded shows their rank callousness.

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