Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breaking News: The Beatles Came From Liverpool

Never let it be said that the Oldham Echo is behind the curve, or that it doesn't bring you the stories that are relevant to the people of Merseyside. Occupying the top link spot on its website at the time of writing is a video taken by Paul McCartney when he met President Obama..... two months ago (http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2010/08/17/ex-beatle-sir-paul-mccartney-releases-video-footage-of-meeting-president-obama-at-the-white-house-video-100252-27077744/ ).
Footage of Macca's big night in Washington DC has been on YouTube since the event in early June (just type "Paul McCartney & Barack Obama") & the official video is still available to view on the White House website (http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/president-obama-honors-paul-mccartney ).
So what's different about the video that the Echo website is so excited about? Erm, just that Sir Thumbs-Up comments how excited he is as he's driven to the White House.
Once again, Oldham Hall Street brings you the stories that really matter.


Ronnie de Ramper said...

Yes, and the Oldham Echo continues to tell us nothing about the business of LDL and its monstrous rip-off of the citizens of Liverpool.

No questions asked when LDL CEO, McIlhenney, was appointed acting CEO of the Council. Complete silence when the person investigating the LDL contract was first, suspended, then forced into retirement by McIlhenney. Nothing said as key staff have been transferred from Council to LDL these past few weeks.

And total blackout on when, if ever, Liverpool will see any benefit from LDL's profiteering at our expense.

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...


Ronnie Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors is only a kind way of describing the disgusting way that local journalismsic) is administered.