Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About That Assurance, Warren

The local ramifications of the ConDem cuts are starting to sink in ( ), leading Joe Anderson to declare that a concerted lobbying campaign is needed for the city to avoid the axe.
However, he need look no further than Warren "War Zones" Bradley after his claim that Nick Clegg had given him assurances about the city's prospects.
Yet it seems there may be a slight problem. Should Warren pick up the phone, he may find the line engaged, or his call unanswered, as Jonathan Freedland disclosed on the Guardian's Comment is Free website yesterday ( ): "[The Lib Dems] have won the right to share the blame for the coming cuts, dipping their hands in all that spilled blood. More than that, Lib Dem David Laws has, as chief secretary to the Treasury, been cast as the public face of the cuts, a role the millionaire ex-banker seems oddly eager to take on. As the first flush of their new intimacy fades, Clegg may wonder if he's signed a deal that gives him the worst of both worlds: not much power but a hell of a lot of responsibility. For Cameron, it's a win-win. He gets some pleasant Lib Dem window dressing, buffing up his image as a new, kinder, gentler Tory - and ensures that when the public gets angry, it won't be the Conservatives alone who are in their sights. Nice work."
Don't bother making that phone call, Warren.

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