Wednesday, May 26, 2010


David Moores' bleatings to the Times about Hicks & Gillett ( ) are as pathetic as they are risible. Moores weeps crocodile tears over the financial mess the two liars have caused at Liverpool Football Club. It shouldn't be forgotten that Moores made £90m from the sale of the club in 2007.
Thompson does something of a PR job for Moores, arguing that he always had the club's best interests at heart. Feel free to insert your own sarcastic rejoinder here. Thompson also outrageously claims:
"Moores has joined the cries from fans' groups like the Spirit of Shankly and Share Liverpool. He has added his weight to the ECHO's continued calls for Hicks and Gillett to go."
Firstly, Moores repeatedly declined invitations from the Spirit of Shankly group to address their meetings when the true scale of the liars' intentions began to transpire. Not just that, he also refused to even acknowledge SoS's invitations.
Secondly, what's this effluence Thompson comes out with about "the ECHO's continued calls for Hicks and Gillett to go"? Continued? The reality is that Oldham Hall Street was, unsurprisingly, way behind the curve in seeing through the owners. The only thing "continued" with the Oldham Echo's coverage of the affair is its attempt to obfuscate matters for as long as possible before admitting what has long been known.


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

And Fourthly the Shysters only wanted to get their hands on the listed Stanley park. While Liverpool FC have been buying up all the houses in the area for years with Moores at the helm, this always was a property deal and its now gone sour, and Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors went along with it all.

Paul said...

The Echo campaign is hilarious. I'm expecting publication of Tarby and Cilla demands for the Yanks to go next. Does John Thompson really believe that the current owners give a hoot about the front page headlines on a small regional newspaper in England?