Monday, May 17, 2010

Trinity Mirror's Idea Of Success

Life at the Oldham Echo isn't a barrel of laughs for those hacks instructed to churn out the bilge that masquerades as journalism. Indeed, it can't be made any easier when they're aware of the good life enjoyed by Sly Bailey, chief executive of Trinity "Smoking Mirrors", as the Grey Cardigan column in the Press Gazette yesterday revealed ( ):
"At Trinity Mirror, chief executive Sly Bailey received a 'package' of £1.68 million in 2009, an increase of 66 per cent compared with the previous year. And yet in 2009 Trinity Mirror reported a 41 per cent fall in pre-tax profits while sacking 1,700 people and closing or selling 30 newspapers. One can only envy such success."
Indeed, one can only marvel at the business-savvy technique employed by Ms Bailey, guaranteeing this novel form of "success" as it percolates down to the harmonious offices patrolled by Big Al Machray & his minion Mark.

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