Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Took You So Long?

The Oldham Echo has finally realised that the ruinous reign of the two lying shysters at Anfield has resulted in terminal decline for Liverpool Football Club ( ).
Well done, guys, but, as more than a few commenters pointedly ask, what took you so long?
It'll be interesting to see whether the paper still enjoys "access" to players at Anfield next season. Indeed, it may just be that Hicks & Gillett retaliate by barring Oldham Hall Street from Anfield on match days.
Still, at least the Oldham Echo has seen through the liars....long after everyone else.


Guillaume said...

Gillett used to own the Montreal Canadien's hockey team.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

Can't say I'm remotely impressed by Rogan Taylor's reckless and insensitive choice of words, nor the Echo's endorsement of them. No matter how badly Liverpool fans feel their club has been treated in strictly business and financial matters, no one has been "systematically raped". That outrage befalls women in war zones and similar, not football clubs after a bad season or two.

A sense of political perspective is needed here.

Correspondent said...

You're right, Ronnie. Rogan Taylor should know better than to use a crass & offensive expression. That the Echo unthinkingly endorses Taylor's choice of words doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Its Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors again.